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Английский язык, 10 класс, Базовый уровень / Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В., Баранова К.М. / 2014г

Английский язык, 10 класс, Базовый уровень / Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В., Баранова К.М. / 2014г
Аннотация:  Английский язык, 10 класс, Базовый уровень, Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В., Баранова К.М., 2014.

  Учебник, созданный известными специалистами в области преподавания английского языка, предназначен для учащихся 10 классов, изучающих язык на базовом уровне, и является основным компонентом учебно-методического комплекса, который продолжает линию УМК для 2—4 и 5—9 классов.

Read the sentences and try to guess what the underlined words mean. What are their Russian equivalents?
1) Jack is really big-headed, thinking too highly of himself. 2) Linda is an easy-going girl, she is usually friendly and pleasant to everybody. 3) He is really stubborn. You can’t make him change his mind. 4) Alice can look after the children. You can trust her: she is responsible and very reliable. 5) Jeff is more mature than the other boys in his class: he always takes responsible grown-up decisions. 6) My uncle becomes angry very easily. Mum says he has always been quick-tempered. 7) Julia wants to be successful, rich and famous. She is quite an ambitious girl.

Complete the dialogues. Use present simple or present progressive.
1) — What you (do) at about 9 o’clock tonight?
— I (not know) yet.
2) — What you (think) about?
— My brother. I often (think) about him these days.
3) — You (fly) to the sea or (go) there by train?
— I (fly); my flight is tomorrow morning.
4) — It’s five p.m. Where is John? He always (come) home about this time.
— 1 (think) he (work) in the library. He (have) a test tomorrow.
5) — Usually Mary (not make) mistakes in her spelling, but her yesterday’s quiz was rather bad.
— Was it? She (know) the result? If she (do), I’m sure she (learn) the words at the moment.


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